Sometimes designing your own custom grip tape can get a little… overwhelming. We’ve definitely had those moments of staring at the screen hoping for some inspiration and just trashing everything we make after an hour. That’s why the Lit Grip community gallery is so great– you can find thousands of designs created by other skaters to get ideas or just fall in love with someone else’s design. Here’s five of our favorites from this year, to get you started!

1. Vapor Wave Vibes

Custom Grip Tape Vapor Wave

Vapor Wave aesthetics are huge this summer, and we love seeing you guys transfer the newest trends onto your boards. Brighter colors are always a great choice with grip tape, because the material is a duller finish than it would be on a custom deck. The monkey’s a nice touch too, but if you just want to use these colors, you can find the design sans-monkey on the community gallery, too.

2. Vintage Grip Tape

Vintage looks are huge right now, too. This is one of our favorites because the design is meant to be grainy, which transfers great onto the grainy texture of your grip tape. We love the nod to the vintage art (Creation of Adam, if you’re curious) and the muted blue colors in this one.

3. Designer Clouds

Custom Grip Tape Clouds

Designer patterns like this Louis Vuitton one look so good on grip tape. They’re subtle enough that you can still see whatever background image you choose– simple stuff like clouds work best. The matching cloud and logo color works really nicely too, so it’s not too busy.

4. Geometric Grip Tape

Custom Grip Tape Geometric

Geometric patterns like this are so popular because they show up from really far away. This is a design other people will clearly be able to see from far away, while you’re riding. Large and bright patterns like these also show up great in those great photo op moments when you’re cruising on your longboard or shredding at the skatepark.

5. Psychedelic Abstracts

Custom Grip Tape Psychedelic

This is another awesome design that will show up on the board really well, even while you’re riding. You can never go wrong with a bright, psychedelic abstract design. We can guarantee with a design like this you’ll be getting all kinds of compliments and questions about your board. If you can handle the attention, this is the design for you.

Hopefully if you’re in need of some inspiration, one or some of these designs spoke to you. If not, we’ve got literally thousands more. Head over to our community gallery to check them out, or get started on your own custom grip tape now!