One of the easiest ways to customize a skateboard is by adding custom grip tape.  LitGrip allows you to customize your grip tape with any design you want!

Items You’ll Need

There are a few different items you’ll need to install your new custom grip tape.

  • Your new custom LitGrip grip tape
  • Your skateboard or longboard deck
  • a Razor
  • A screwdriver

Applying Custom Grip Tape to your deck

Step 1: Prep the Board

Set your skateboard deck on a flat surface.  You will need to remove your trucks and wheels from the deck before installing the griptape.  Make sure to clean your deck removing any dirt, dust, or pebbles before applying your griptape to the top surface of the deck.

Step 2: Test Sizing & Position Grip Tape

Place your custom griptape on top of the deck to make sure it covers the deck from end to end.  Position your grip tape for application.

Step 3: Apply the Grip Tape

When ready, peel the backing on your grip tape and apply to your deck slowly while pressing the griptape down into the concave areas of your deck to avoid air bubbles

Step 4: Score the Grip Tape

Using something with a blunt edge, like an old screwdriver or butter knife.  Make a thin line on top of the grip tape around the edge of the deck

Step 5: Cut off the Excess Grip Tape

Take your razor and run it along the score line you created.  Using the excess griptape, sand down the rough edges of your grip tape.

Step 6: Truck Holes for your Grip Tape

Using an old screwdriver, poke a hole into the grip tape from the bottom through the top.  Using the same screwdriver, poke the grip tape from the top of the deck through the griptape.


Install your trucks and wheels and you are ready to skate in style!